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Intraday and End of day data on 8,000+ stocks and ETFs for use with the HGSI software or with other software.
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HGSI software has implemented in whole or part strategies of top Investing & Trading Strategists.
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HGSI Review by Stocks and Commodities Magazine

HGSI is now being used by investment managers as an economical alternative to much more expensive products.
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RBI – Scanning for Stocks in Demand using Wyckoff criteria in HGSI

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Praise from Industry Leaders

Secrets of the Gilmo:  I’ve been doing this for 28 years, and the best daily screen I’ve ever seen included in any software or analytics service anywhere is far and away the “Woodward & Brown Stocks & Groups Moving to the Upside” on HGSI Investor Software

In the stock market, one doesn’t need to know what is GOING TO HAPPEN, one only needs to know what is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. HGS Investment Software’s highly graphical format, easy-to-interpret visual presentation, and broad range of technical tools does a fantastic job of helping to do just that. With the new intraday capability and features that have been added, HGS Investor Software puts an amazing amount of power in the hands of investors that simply wasn’t available before in an affordable package. These days I consider it to be nothing less than my “cash register”.  In a sense, HGSI is O’Neil-style stock investing on steroids.

Gil Morales
-Managing Director, MoKa Investors, LLC and
Author: Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple and In the Trading Cockpit with the O’Neil Disciples

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