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High Probability ETF Trading

by Larry Connors and Cesar Alvarez

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etf-tradingHigh Probability ETF Trading: Professional Strategies to Improve Your ETF Trading

by Larry Connors and Cesar Alvarez

Larry Connors, CEO and Co-founder of, and Cesar Alvarez, Director of Research at Connors Research take your ETF trading to the next level in High Probability ETF Trading. This new strategy book, complete with exact trading rules, is backed by over a decade of statistical results.

The 7 strategies in High Probability ETF Trading are each written with the idea that the accuracy rate stay between 85.6% to over 93.9%. The last strategy, Time, Price, Scale-In (TPS) has an accuracy rate of 93.98%. Read on to find out more information about how High Probability ETF Trading will become your reference guide to trading ETF’s in bull, bear and sideways markets.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Trading ETF’s

One of the fastest growing financial vehicles in the market today, you can learn to take advantage of inefficiencies in the ETF marketplace by learning High Probability ETF Trading strategies because:

  1. ETF’s Are Safer Than Stocks – There is less single stock corporate risk as ETF’s are a basket of underlying securities.  With multiple securities, you aren’t subject to the wide array of risks including corporate scandals, aftermarket earnings reports, and other factors that affect individual stocks.
  2. Trade ETF’s On Both The Long And Short Side – This enables the opportunity to profit in both rising and declining markets.
  3. Trade ETF’s With or Without Leverage – Many traders like the idea of getting added leverage in their trading and the newly released leveraged ETF’s have seen tremendous volume growth as active traders have gravitated to them.
  4. ETF’s Are One of the Fastest Growing Financial Vehicles – ETF’s are growing quickly as money managers and traders find them to be more convenient.   In early 2009 Proshares filed for nearly 100 new leveraged ETF’s.  As of February 2010 there are 935 ETF’s!
  5. ETF’s Have Access To Multiple Markets – ETF’s offer you access to multiple investment vehicles including:  Commodities, World markets, Currency, Fixed Income and more.

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  • Client Larry Connors and Cesar Alvarez
  • Date December 29, 2009
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