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Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple

by Gil Morales & Dr. Chris Kacher

Project Description

trading-like-oneil-discipleTrade Like an O’Neil Disciple: How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market

by Gil Morales & Dr. Chris Kacher

From the Back Cover

Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple details the small realities that make up the stock market, including:

  • The importance of a 6-7% automatic stop-loss policy on stock purchases
  • Sit tight and be right, or “take your profits slowly”
  • The value of psychological capital, and how mastering your own psychology allows you to operate from a position of strength
  • Position concentration, and how diversification is unnecessary
  • How timing the market is possible and necessary, despite claims to the contrary by those who can’t
  • Mistakes novices or lazy investors make, such as averaging down or purchasing only cheap stocks
  • How O’Neil applied historical precedent to box theory to come up with consolidations patters (bases), such as ascending; cup-with-handle; double-bottom; square box; flat base; and high, tight flag
  • Using early buy points in the form of “pocket pivots” to gain an advantage in difficult market environments
  • Using gap ups as buy points to jump on board of some of the most powerful stocks
  • The finer points of O’Neil – style short-selling techniques

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  • Client Gil Morales & Dr. Chris Kacher
  • Date August 23, 2010
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