HGSI in Action Ron Brown January 12, 2015 – Trade like Gil Morales in the HGSI Trading Cockpit

Ron Brown is a HGSI power user and works directly with Gil Morales to implement the Morales and Kacher Buyable Gaps and Pocket Pivot strategies into HGSI.

In this webinar Ron will show you how to easily find lists of Buyable Gaps or Pocket Pivots for stocks/ETFs/IPO’s and more.

Fresh lists are created daily at the end of the day or during the day using 15 minute delayed intraday updates. You will learn how to evaluate the lists using the HGSI Warehouse Views and of course how to apply Gil’s “Secret Weapon Chart Views”

The webinar is educational in nature and primarily intended to showyou how to use the HGSI features to get the most out of the Morales and Kacheer trading/investing strategies explained in their books and newsletters.

Ron will demonstrate using end of day updating for those users who do not follow the markets during market hours and he will also show the new intraday update features for those who make decisions when the markets are open.