HGSI In Action Ron Brown – June 29th, 2014

This video illustrates how we can use the Export to Metastock function of HGS Investor to export 10 years of Industry group data to EdgeRater to view historical seasonality of industry groups.

This is a powerful way to use the data which is already available in HGSI to expand our insights into the market with industry group seasonality to locate the strongest groups for any time period. We can then use HGS Investor to locate the best candidates when we know the odds are in our favor based on historical seasonality.

Rather than having to pay for another data source to implement seasonality, the Export to Metastock function is built into HGSI for use with EdgeRater and other programs which use Metastock data. This makes HGSI more of a bargain than it already is.

Chris White and I both contributed to this video.