HGSI Insider Club Webinar – Monday, November 21, 2016

HGSI Insider Club Webinar Video – Monday, November 21, 2016 at 4:30 PM EST.

Over the last 17 years, 12 times per year, I have discussed new techniques, or capabilities only found in HGSI software. Going forward, I am going to take a different approach.

The software has evolved and has changed dramatically since I began working with Ian, George and Matt back in the late 1990s. Of all the features and tools in HGSI, I think the addition of Volume Price Analysis, VPA flags, and its associated tool, Volume Point the Control, VPOC, during the last couple of years are the most powerful. These tools set HGSI apart from the competition because not only do we have VPA and VPOC, we have all the other features which is made HGSI a great program before these additions.

Of course, we have the fundamental information; the ERG components, earnings-per-share rank, relative strength rank and group rank; industry group rotation which allows for top-down prospecting and a multitude of other features. Rather than rehashing the many powerful features of HGSI, going forward I would like to primarily concentrate on VPA and VPOC and scanning and selecting stocks, ETFs and Indexes based upon these features. I will integrate the other great features of HGSI as I progress because everything in the program complements VPA and VPOC.

I haven’t figured out for sure how I am going to approach this, but rather than trying to come up with new features and techniques all the time, I would rather email occasional charts that I like based upon VPA and VPOC to subscribers and then use the monthly Insider Roundtable and/or a monthly video to discuss why I liked the trades at the time, and what happened to the trades after they were emailed to subscribers. I think this would be a very good way for all of us to enhance our skills with the VPA and VPOC modules in HGSI.

All stocks, ETFs etc. will contain buy and stops for risk control. This is essentially a continuation of what I am teaching in my online webinars. The stocks, ETFs etc. that I feature will be a learning tool for you to learn VPA, VPOC and other features of HGSI so you can do the analysis for yourself. I cannot give specific recommendations, but I can show you what I am looking at when I email the pdf to you. These will not come on any specific schedule, but I plan to send out a few charts per month, and then at the end of the month I will combine the pdfs into a single pdf. I will also do a short video to review the trades. The Roundtable will be for further review and questions.

Insider Club subscribers need a paid subscription to the HGSI software to learn to prospect for your own candidates.

Ron Brown
Ron Brown Investing,llc