HGSI Insider Webinar September 21, 2015

HGSI Insider Webinar – Monday September 21, 2015 at 2:30 PM EDT

Have you ever wanted to locate the component stocks of an ETF? You will know how after this webinar.  Details below!

This webinar is over please watch the video.

PREVIEW OF NEXT HGSI RELEASE: See the new and improved HGSI Charting Annotations being tested for the new HGSI release.  Ron Brown will be using them during this webinar.

MARKET MADNESS: Ian Woodward will give you his latest insights into the “market madness we are all seeing.

WEBINAR MAIN FEATURE:  Have you ever wanted to locate the component stocks of an ETF? In HGSI, it is a relatively simple.  Go To the HGSI Reference Groups in the Designer.  Under the Component Lists category select the ETF Component stocks contained within the ETF.

This works, but is time consuming to move from ETF to ETF component folders, so this month Ron created a group of the SPDR ETFs in his personal user groups which can be used for top down analysis and prospecting. In fact, the SPDR ETF components can be used as a surrogate for complete market analysis.

The SPDR ETFs contain the broad market ETFs for large, medium and small cap stocks, plus sectors and groups. If you are an ETF investor and want to see the stocks contained within the ETFs, this is the way to do it. Not only can the analysis be done at the end of the day, with a complete update intraday, you can see the market rotation