Join us for a 45 minute webinar video as we reveal the 2018 direction of HGSI Investment Software and some highlights of the next release.

WEBINAR DATE:  Tuesday 10/24/2017 at 4:30pm Eastern Time U.S. (Recorded)

HGSI RELEASE DATE:  Saturday 10/28/2017

REGISTRATION  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3470836438141715202

PRESENTERS:  George Roberts and Matthew Sorrels of HGSI Investment Software, llc


CUSTOM HGSI SOLUTIONS is a new business area for HGSI Investment Software llc. 
Starting with this release we offer customized HGSI solutions to other businesses or individuals by incorporating their investing/trading solutions into HGSI.  These custom solutions may only be available with a subscription license and key for access. Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) are one business example.  Individuals who provide advisory services who want to expand their business using the HGSI platform with their solutions.  Contact us for more details.  HGSI CUSTOM SOLUTIONS

HGSI CUSTOM GROUPS: Custom Groups are a new feature of HGSI.  In this release we have included two exciting custom groups to help improve your productivity in finding quality investing/trading possibilities. 

  • HGSI TOP 50: A high quality group of stocks and report generated every day the market is open and delivered as part of the daily database update. Currently we produce this group using methods developed by Ron Brown Investing for his “GIR Top 50”.  The HGSI TOP 50 is a basic building block we will improve and use in other HGSI features.
  • OPTION VOLUME:  Another quality group of stocks and reports generated every month.  The Top 300 Most Active Options traded at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and the Top 300 from The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) are ranked on volume to determine the most liquid stocks.   Think of these HGSI groups as an imaginary S&P 300, but without any financial limits, since they are only ranked on volume traded.  These stocks are all trading massive option contract volume.  A great source of prospecting for stock investing strategies.

    It is worth knowing that more than 120 of the CBOE stocks and more than 140 of the OCC stocks are not in the S&P 500.  


  • HGSI ONLINE RESPONSIVE HELP: The HGSI Help system, HGSI Learning Center, HGSI Getting Started and What’s New documentation are being rewritten using Adobe Robohelp Responsive HTML 5.  The benefit is improved technical support by consolidating all the documents into one online authoring system that can be updated at any time. It is not dependent on a software release. Being “Responsive HTML 5” simply means that documentation will resize to more comfortably fit different size computer screens, tablets, smartphones.
  • MANAGE GROUP SUBSCRIPTION SYSTEM: All HGSI Custom Groups and HGSI SmartGroups are now part of the Designer “Manage Group Subscription System”. You can include/exclude SmartGroups and Custom Groups at any time. Bring in only what you need when you need it to save desktop space, reduce clutter and improve data update time. 

OTHER CHANGES:  There are two new charting indicators, Hull Moving Average and Williams’ AD plus a long list of new HGSI Warehouse/Filter Data Fields.  These features plus more will be detailed in the complete What’s New document.