HGSI Volume Price Analysis Guide V7


The Volume Price Analysis Guide V7 provides detailed information about the HGSI VPA Charting Indicator and the VPA database fields associated with the indicator.

HGSI VPA Indicator Guide V7

When a new copy of HGSI software is installed it comes with a large variety of ready to use VPA Charting Views and Warehouse Views of the database fields.  It also contains many Filters needed for doing scans and Combo Ranks to create viable lists of stocks.  Filters, Views and Combo Ranks in the HGSI product can be found in folders under the name of HGSI Volume Price Analysis.  After installation of the software, when new or changed filters, views and combo ranks become available they are provided as add-ons  that can be downloaded from the HGSI Website or from the help menu on the HGSI software toolbar.


HGSI Volume Price Analysis (VPA)  is based upon concepts originally popularized by Richard Wyckoff and Jesse Livermore nearly a century ago to read “the tape” to determine what the “smart money” was doing.

Tom Williams of TradeGuider was the first to computerize the indicator which he refers to as Volume Spread Analysis (VSA).  Others have followed Tom William’s lead.  Both VPA and VSA use the same concepts.  Karthik Marar who coded VPA for AmiBroker, placed his code in the public domain.

The best explanations of VPA are by Anna Coulling in her book,  A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis