Ron Brown Investing, Insider Club Webinar Video – Thursday, May 11, 2017

“We never take a trade without defining our risk before we enter a trade” — Ron Brown

 My primary prospecting method is to locate strong stocks pulling back from recent highs, the “IR or Impulse/Reaction method”, but HGSI offers many other “trigger” methods to get into a trade including VPA, VPOC, Pocket Pivots, etc.

The IR method is based upon locating trending stocks which are exhibiting short-term consolidation. Rather than chasing stocks that are in expansion mode, it is better to wait for contraction, then buy a stock, ETF, or option when the security is emerging from the contraction area.

There are several other tools unique in HGSI that can be used as “triggers” to get into trades on the long and short sides. These include VPA flags, VPOC 10/10, Pocket Pivots, and Force Indexes. This month, Insider Club members, will get updates that include most of these “triggers”.

At this webinar I’ll be using a new Combo Ranking that emphasizes momentum intraday. This permits us to locate potential trades intraday rather than waiting for the end of day quotes.

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Ron Brown
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Ron Brown Investing
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