Ron Brown Investing, Insider Club Webinar Video – Tuesday, April 11, 2017

“We never take a trade without defining our risk before we enter a trade”
— Ron Brown

The Insider Club Webinar is open to everyone, but only Insider Club members have access to my files. If you’re interested in joining the Insider Club, please click on the link below. I offer both monthly and annual memberships.

This month I will explain how we can take the 300 most actively traded stocks based upon option activity at the CBOE, and use the stocks as a prospecting group.

I’ll show you how I create a filter from the list of actively traded stocks, and use this filter to screen other groups such as HGSI SmartGroups or index components to quickly find potential trades based upon VPA flags, group movement, support and resistance, Pocket Pivots, and VPOC, or volume point of control triggers. All of these indicators are included in HGSI, and if you know how to use them, building a watch list for potential trades becomes much easier and faster. I use the CBOE 300 stocks because this is where the action is for active traders and institutions.

Ron Brown