Woodward & Brown Monthly Roundtable Webinar: 3/18/13 4:30pm EST

This month our webinar will expand upon our newsletter content to show you where to prospect for old name “mattress stuffers” which have come out of the woodwork and are producing tight chart patters from the lower left to the upper right of the chart.  Can you believe that Home Depot leads the charge?

Using the HGSI Spectrum Analyzer we will also be showing you some new techniques to determine which industry groups are showing early action by analyzing the Advances to Declines of stocks within those industry groups.

Join the discussion… send questions to Ian at ian@highgrowthstock.com for discussion at the webinar.

New Add-on updates for Filters, Views, Combos and SmartGroups are available. Click the HGSI Help Button on the HGSI Toolbar and select Add-ons

Ian Woodward and Ron Brown are the proprietors of Woodward and Brown Investments.  Ian, has been called out by John Bollinger as one of the greatest analysts of our time.

Together Ron and Ian have taken the best of Bollinger, Arms, Darvus, Elder, Morales and Kacher blended on a foundation of O’Neil and have come up with a unique set of indicators and strategies only found in the HGSI Investment Software