Welcome to this week’s review.

We are certainly living in historic times with COVID-19 changing the way we live our lives and the market demonstrating substantial volatility to both upside and downside as we enter Bear Market Territory in as little as 17 days.

Now we have seen the Administration make it moves, declaration of a National Emergency, the House Pass a Bill to protect workers and the Fed continues to use every tool in the arsenal.  This is balanced by a continuous flow of bad news with rising numbers of cases, deaths and shutdowns.

This week I ask the question of whether or not those with FOMO can safely feel like we are at a bottom and reintroduce Ian’s Boxes for when we actually are at a bottom.  I will try and do a late afternoon market update using the new tools this week since like many I am at home with work from home to avoid the rapid acceleration of cases of COVID 19.

Trade Safe and more importantly be Safe