HGSI Add-On Updates for HGSI Product Release 25849

HGSI Investment Software Add-ons are a source of additional or updated ready-to-use HGSI Filters (scans), Chart Views, Warehouse Views, Combo Ranks, User Groups or SmartGroups that install right into the HGSI Software. Add-ons are supported for the works and strategies of different investing styles.  Below are the names of a few popular Add-ons:

  • Gil Morales,
  • Ian Woodward and Ron Brown
  • Larry Connors
  • Dr. Jeffrey Scott
  • HGSI Starters and Intraday

The following Add-ons have been updated to take advantage of new features in HGSI Product Release 25849.  On the HGSI Website you will find Add-ons under the Support section.  Current HGSI Users should review the contents of each of the following Add-on and select those you need:

  • HGSI Intraday and Starters
  • Ian Woodward & Ron Brown
  • Morales & Kacher