HGSI Doc Live Webinar Presidents Day Special


We had a great webinar last Thursday night February 13, 2020. I used the HGSI Investment Software Platform to introduce some exciting new investing/trading methods using:

  • John Person’s Indicator Subscription for the HGSI Platform
  • Jeffrey Scott’s Scanning Add-on (Chart Views, Warehouse Views, Filters, Combo Ranks)
  • Jeffrey Scott’s SmartGroup Add-on that, for consistency, uses the same Filters and Combo Ranks from the Scanning Add-on

I have decided to repeat this performance as well as my Top Down Review on Monday afternoon, Monday, February 17, 2020, at 2 PM Eastern Time.   Markets are closed so this will provide an opportunity to have live interaction during the program.

But first just a little exciting background information about what is going on with two of my favorite companies!  HGSI Investment Software LLC (HGSI) had previously announced a statement of direction in a previous release of their software 30687 2017.10.28 that they would be offering Business to Business (B2B) Custom HGSI Solutions, on their platform. Some of those solutions would be made available to the HGSI customer base, and some would be private solutions for financial services companies.  They just did a big custom solution that is available to HGSI customers that I am so happy about!

For many years I have been using the HGSI Investment Software tools, data and John Person’s indicators but they were on different platforms.  Now I have both of them on the HGSI platform.  Both companies continue to operate independently and financially.   You simply purchase a subscription from PersonsPlanet that will let you use the John Person Indicators on the HGSI Platform.   Hopefully, there will be many more new HGSI Custom Solutions with other companies.

I think so much of this arrangement that I am committed to using my web-based and live education formats to support the users of this combination to ensure that this is not another purchase that sits idly on your computer.

All attendees will be offered an introductory offer on both products (new subscribers only to HGSI).  For existing HGSI customers, the new indicators are embedded inside but will need activation via a subscription from PersonsPlanet to access.

All registered attendees will have access to the recording and introductory pricing

See you Monday, February 17, 2020, at 2 PM Eastern Time


NOTE:  I will begin the closed education session later in the week.  As promised I will be offering multiple live sessions demonstrating the use and customization of HGSI and the new Person tools.  John Person will also hold a live master class for purchasers of the add on.  These dates will follow and classes will be limited to subscribers.  As always the programs will be recorded and shared appropriately


Dr. Jeffrey Scott is a private investor and educational affiliate for HGSI Investment Software LLC