HGSI DOC Top Down Review 10.12.2014 Market Under Pressure

Greetings…..  Today I had a meeting of HGSI faithful down in sunny Palm Beach FL.  I had not intended to do a review this weekend as I am busy Sunday and Monday as well presenting the power of HGSI to a new audience at the John Person Fl Seminar.   I decided to post this because of the tenuous position of the market.  We are close to a decision point on the NASD and SP500 as they approach the 8% correction levels which is where most market pullbacks over the past 50 years have turned up.  Ian’s research has taught us that if we break down beyond the 8% the jury is out on the final extend of the correction and if we breakdown beyond 10 -12% we need to be out of the market.  The format is different than usual, but please take a look at our live presentation from today.


I also want to officially announce the HGSI Doc Summit for February 7 – 9 2015 in Palm Beach County.  To keep costs down we will likely hold this at a site a short drive off the ocean as this is high season and high prices that time of year.  I will be joined by George Lea and hopefully another guest.  This meeting will be a combination of what we did in 2014 in NYC and Singer Island which were very well received.   Please send me an email of your interest in attending and I can hold a spot for you.  I will send out final links for registration upon my return from my vacation.






PS:  This is likely the last presentation until 11/15/2014.




Email me at hgsidoc@gmail.com if you have any questions.  Have a great week.