HGSI DOC Top Down Review 10.20.2019 in 4K

Greetings, and Welcome to this week’s review.

I am in Myrtle Beach, attending the Mark Minervini mastering the course of the markets.  I also had the pleasure of going to dinner this eve with Dan Fitzpatrick of www.stockmarketmentor.com, of which I have subscribed for years.

The markets continue to chop around close to recent highs; eventually, something has to give.   For now, I am not guessing but playing the market with fewer positions and smaller positions while raising cash so I can pounce when the opportunities arise.

This week I identify some potential longs and shorts. If you stick around to the end, I break down my pick of the week (WCN), identify my buy point, stop loss, and targets.  For those who are interested in how I use options as stock substitutes, I spend the last few minutes breaking down my favorite option strategies.

This is my first upload in 4K, so it will take some time for YouTube to process it.

Have a great week.  Please note the files are significant as the resolution is 4K.

Any mention of stock or options picks should be considered as demonstration purposes only.  Options should be regarded as risky and are not for everyone.



Dr. Jeffrey Scott is a private investor and educational affiliate for HGSI Investment Software LLC