HGSI Doc Top Down Review 4.26.2015

Greetings and welcome to this week’s Top Down Review with HGSI DOC.

 The US Equity market had a strong week up as it once again bounced off support and heads up towards resistance.  The NASD and SPX look like they are trying to break out of the trading range to the upside and Utilities and Transports are trying to join the party. 

Will it be different this time or are we going to trade up once again to resistance and reverse.  As always it is a market of stocks and those with dividends such as REITs, Utilities, MLPs, and bond funds are stirring along with airlines.  On the other hand semiconductor stocks appear to be breaking support as well as continued weakness in Gold, Silver and for this week OIL.  Join me on my Top Down journey as we try and make sense of the coming market week.  My live meeting is filling up quickly.  if you have interest, please reach out ASAP to inquire about availability.

Jeffrey – hgsidoc@gmail.com