HGSI Doc Top Down Review – A great week for growth stock investors

Greetings and Happy Father’s Day.


Special wishes to Ian and Pat on their 60th Anniversary and wishes to Pat for a speedy recovery.


Speaking of recoveries, it was a great week for growth stock investors as we outperformed the major indices as small stocks and growth led the past week.  Once again we bumped off of resistance on Friday and remain range bound.  Now we sit and wait on the Greek problem and related meetings on Monday.  Will we remain range bound or will a positive resolution in Greece lead to a breakout or will continued negativity pull the market down below support?  That is the Trillion dollar question.  For now, we play the market we have and deal with the multiple months of a contracting range where we can go from support to resistance and back again in just a few days.   I hope you enjoy this week’s market video.  I will not plan on producing one next week as I will be busy at my meeting.  I do have a couple of “obstructed view” seats available at the last minute at a modest discount for anyone interested.  Contact me at hgsidoc@gmail.com if you have any interest.  Trade safe my friends….

Jeffrey    ( HGSIDOC@Gmail.com )


Note:  I got carried away and this one is 2 hours long and will take a while to upload