HGSI Doc Top Down Review 9.21.2014


What a week.  Fed meetings, BABA IPO and quadruple witching on Friday.  The major indices (except RUT) continue to hold up and move higher while there is considerable damage beneath the surface with sector rotation.  Is this just another pause as the SPX and Dow push towards new highs, or will the RUT pull the market down with it?  I am on Bear Watch but have not given up my longs.  Yet, after Friday I am a lot less long as my stops have taken me out of several positions.  I have mitigated my risk (and potential upside) with a number of married puts and contra ETFs but remain nimble as I let the market work itself out and try not to marry either the long or short argument.  I hope you enjoy the video.  Be nimble my friends.

To the attendees of the 1st upcoming HGSI Doc Meetup group, I am in process of finalizing a location for the meeting.  We have a large number of indicated attendees and with the limited parking at my condo, I will book a suitable location.