HGSI Doc Top Down Review for 11.10.13

Well that was a fun week wasn’t it?  Small caps got crushed on Wednesday and Thursday.  Since many of the HGSI type growth stocks are small caps, HGSI stocks took it on the chin this week.  Then Friday happened.  We had a huge up day in small stocks.  Most of my portfolios which were tanking mid-week staged a huge recovery and finished flat on the week.  The IBD 50 was a laggard this week as well.

Now we are in a new week.  Do we continue to bounce around or is it time for your year-end Rally Caps?  Let’s take a look at the market from a top down approach.  This one is a bit long as I stray a bit from my usual journey and do a bit of demonstration of the Sector Rotation tools in HGSI.  This EPS reporting season has been a wild one.  There have been some big upside surprises but those that miss get extremely punished.

Momentum stocks came back some on Friday.  Is it their time to rally or was Friday a one day reprive.

Let’s take a look together.