HGSI Doc Top Down Review for April 13 2014

Another down week is in the books.  Are we ready for a BOUNCE or is a BEAR lurking close by.  There are plenty of reasons for a Wall Of Worry, but perhaps we are setting up for one last rally attempt.  We have seen a huge sell off in the NASDAQ and Russell 2000.  Will the DOW and SP500 catch up or will we see a rebound?  I think we can say one thing for sure and that is we will see some volatility in the market this week.  I am seeing signs of a bounce but the danger of a much deeper sell off remains.  I hope you enjoy the video.  As I prepare for a potential bounce, I demonstrate the power of HGSI Boxes and for those that make it to the end, I demonstrate the ease of creating the boxes within HGSI.

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Have a safe week trading.

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