HGSI Doc Top Down Weekend Review for 9/22/2013

What an interesting week we had.  First we had Lawrence Summers withdraw his name from consideration of the Fed head and we awoke Monday to a weaker dollar and huge gap up which we held some of during the day.  Wednesday, the Fed fooled all of the experts by not reducing easing and with the perceived continued QE infinity the market shot up again.  However, by Friday, the Fed bump was gone as the market sold off as now the experts began to wonder, what does the fed know?   What excitement will this week bring.  Are we set for a down leg into the end of month?  Will QE drive us to new highs?  This should be interesting this week as Congress deals with the debt ceiling and  Syria.  Will Obamacare survive the latest challenge?  How will this impact stocks?  Join me as I do my top down review and consider what the market and industry rotation are telling us.  I use both top down and bottoms up approaches to find compelling stocks for the coming week.