HGSI DOC Top Down Review 10.02.2016. Should I Stay or Should I GO?

Greetings and Welcome to this Week’s Top Down Review


In just a short time we have gone from a period of flat line and little intraday movement to daily 1% directionless moves, up one day and down the next.


Despite the low VIX, the volatility in our individual portfolios has increased.  I entitled today’s video, Should I Buy or Should I Sell, in deference to the Clash song of Should I Stay or Should I Go, which in many ways summed up how I feel about the market.


Join me on my Top Down Review.  FYI, quality may be lower of video as I forgot to turn down the resolution of my screen and had to compress to 1080 after recording.


Have a Great Week.


To my Jewish friends and colleagues,  L’shana Tova, I wish you a Happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!



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