HGSI Doc Top Down Review 3.12.2017

Greetings and Welcome to This Week’s Top Down Review

Tonight is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time and we will move our clocks forward one hour. In the Fall we will move them back. The saying goes, Spring Forward and Fall Back. Tonight I have to wonder, do we Spring Forward this Week or Fall Back? (Excuse the spelling in the video, i was Spell Checked by Powerpoint!)
The market seems at a natural place to move upwards but we cannot ignore that Wednesday is a FED MEETING and an expected rate increase. This move could surprise by being 50bps or we could have predictions of additional increases beyond current expectation of an additional 1-2. The US Economy appears to be stronger based on Unemployment, the EU is picking up, Trump is promising Stimulus and the Unemployment Surprise on Friday gives Janet air cover for a larger raise or talk of additional increases.

Join me as I take a Top Down look at the market and prepare for what will likely be a very interesting week.