HGSI Doc Top Down Review 5.01.2016

Is it time to Sell in May and go away?  Welcome to this week’s Top Down Review, where I will take my weekly journey thru the markets.

Last week saw some huge EPS moves (AMZN, FB, AAPL, GOOGL) which added to the market volatility.  We are seeing early signs of a sell off as the Canaries and the leaders index dropped below obvious support.  That said the major market indexes remain at a point where the risk to upside and downside may actually be more balanced.

The rally off the 2.11 lows may be nearing its end.  It has been an interesting run that has been led by junk off the bottom.   I will prove this in my presentation as well as show you some of the big winners.  It is hard to believe that there have been over 100 stocks with a 100% gain in the past 2.5 months.  Can you guess what industries have been powering this move?

I hope you enjoy and learn from these videos.  For more information and to sign up for the September Summit please email me.