HGSI Doc Top Down Review for 5.28.2017

Happy Memorial Day and Welcome to this week’s review.
Special welcome to our veterans and those who came before them, as without veterans and those that gave their lives for the rest of us,  there would be a different world today.

This bull just keeps running on and on. We had a shot across the bow of the bulls 10 days ago yet here we are 7 trading days later at new highs.

At some point we will see a correction but as many have said, we need to trade the market we have not the one we think we should have.

Under the surface there is weakness and a relative narrow leadership of technology. Will the rest of the market join the fun or will the RUT lead the markets lower.

Please join me on my usual journey and apologies in advance for some ranting and raving in the first section.

I also take this moment to reflect on the memory of Ian Woodward who taught me…. There are no Gurus. Become your own Guru.
May Ian rest in peace.