HGSI Insider Club Webinar August 17, 2016


Amazon (AMZN) is the type of growth stock we would all love to have held from the IPO, but relatively few people do other than the insider’s, because we know no one can anticipate the exceptional growth rate this stock has had. Its growth rate was erratic during the early years as management was concentrating on obtaining market share, but in recent quarters earnings have accelerated along with the stock’s price. Even though Amazon is trading at a multiple of 192.2 based upon PE, investors are more interested in the accelerated earnings growth than the overvaluation of the stock.

This month I’m going to focus on growth stocks having at least a 20% growth rate quarter over quarter for the last two quarters when compared to the same quarters one year ago, and maybe we can locate a potential winner or two based upon strong earnings per share growth.

TD Ameritrade recently announced that they are going to discontinue QuoteTracker. We know that many of you still use QuoteTracker because of the ease of adding stocks directly from HGSI Investor. There is some good news for you, we have been working with Jerry Medved the developer of QuoteTracker and Medved Trader, and HGSI can now work with Medved Trader, a much more sophisticated version of QuoteTracker.

Medved Trader is not a free trading program; it costs $180 per year if you want to use its full functionality which includes compatibility with HGSI Investor, and trading through TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers and a few other firms. I will give a brief demonstration of the program at the Insider Roundtable this Wednesday.

Ron Brown
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