HGSI Insider – Webinar April 21, 2015

“More Than Just Technicals”

HGSI Insider – Webinar 2:30pm Eastern Time U.S. April 21, 2015


The HGSI Software is well known for its technical capabilities among traders but what if you are a fundamental investor or if you make your decisions based on both technical and fundamentals?

In this month’s webinar Ron Brown will show you strategies for working with stocks that have Consistent Earnings Growth or CEG.

Consider these results:

  • Since the start of 2015 stocks with CEG are paying handsome results versus the S&P 500—-a whopping 3-7 times better!
  • Specialty Pharma stocks which have been the leaders in this market are CEG stocks!

HGSI classifies stock earnings into 1 of 10 earnings categories.  HGSI customers recognize this feature as Box Stocks (box 1, box 2, etc.).

To qualify for one of the ten categories CEG stocks must first pass a 5 year annual growth rate test and also pass the growth rate test for the most recent 2 quarters compared to a year ago.  If it doesn’t qualify for any of the 10 categories then it is excluded from consideration.

All the growth rates will be explained in this webinar.

Best of all, the 10 categories are automatically updated every day in the SmartGroups section of the HGSI Group Database.  SmartGroups are ready-to-go prospect watch lists generated by HGSI filters and rankings for further analysis.

The hard work of classifying them is already done for you!