HGSI Insider – Webinar August 19, 2015

In this special 2 hour webinar Ron Brown will be demonstrating several of the new features in the next HGSI release scheduled for Tuesday 8/18/2015.

Some release highlights are the new Charting Warehouse Field Indicator.  This indicator will let you customize your charts by selecting from over 400+ pieces of information from the HGSI database and arranging them into blocks of information that can be displayed in locations you would like to have them.

There are 8 new comparison data fields for filtering during Intraday updates and End of Day updates.  Use these fields to look for stocks that are gapping up/down.

Need to compare the contents of two User Groups?  The new Designer Group Comparison tool will compare the two groups and produce a report that shows the contents of each group and a list of securities that are in both groups.  Export the results of the comparisons into new groups for further analysis

Ian Woodward will give you his latest insights into the “market madness we are all seeing and Ron Brown will show you his new Relative Strength SmartGroup.