HGSI Doc Top Down Review and Chart of the Week 8.16.2015

Greetings and welcome to this week’s rendition of my Top Down Review.


This was not a great week for growth stock investors as the markets continue to churn sideways, ending slightly lower for the week.  What started brightly ended fairly quietly with some China devaluation in the middle.


This will be the 3rd installment of the new Chart of the Week presentation.  In this presentation I review at least one stock that made my buy watch list and discuss how I will take the trade.  So far we have done fairly well in this EDUCATIONAL endeavor.  I found a number of candidates this week and review my top 3 near the end of the presentation.  Remember, these are not recommendations to Buy but rather a look inside my thought  processes when I decide to buy and whether or not to trade stocks or options.  There is no implied guarantee that I will take these trades, nor is there any commitment to alert you if I close them.  There is NO WARRANTY to PERFORMANCE.


Have a great end of summer and trade safe my friends.