HGSI Insider Webinar July 18, 2016


Many HGSI subscribers use my Top 50 Group Inclusion Report (GIR 50) methodology as a primary prospecting tool.

This month I will show you the actual performance of stocks WB and RICE by using the GIR 50 stocks as a core group that is then applied to HGSI SmartGroups or to your own personal user groups. This is a new improvement to my methodology that I learned preparing for my upcoming online webinars.

I will also show you that after the top 50 GIR has been created, how to narrow the focus even more by applying any filter. For example, if I’m only interested in the stocks in the top 50 GIR that have accelerating earnings, I can apply the Woodward & Brown Warehouse view that only selects stocks with accelerating earnings contained in the GIR 50. Conversely, I could apply the accelerating earnings filter to the GIR before I run it to create the group.

Another area I will discuss is the difference between tight, neutral and lose charts. This becomes readily apparent if you look at enough charts, and if possible, especially for longer term trades, try to confine your trades to stocks and ETFs having neutral to tight charts. Loose charts show lack of conviction for either buyers or sellers.

There are an infinite number of ways we can massage the Group Inclusion Report. I am going to cover many of these in the monthly Insider Club video and in the July Insider Round Table Webinar.  In the future, I am sure there will be other improvements to my GIR 50 methodology.

If your goal is to build a watch list of solid candidates for your portfolio, the GIR Top 50 is an excellent place to begin.

Upcoming Ron Brown Investing Webinar Series.  If you are interested in more information you can contact me at ron@highgrowthstock.com.