HGSI Stock Doc – Part 2 of 3 – Weekend Top Down Review – Analysis for the coming week

Part 2: Here is the 2nd part of this weekend’s activity. For those new to my approach please make sure you do the 1st video for a background on my techniques. The link to Part 1 is shown below.

Well, this was a different review and more bearish than I have been in months. 2 or maybe 3 Hindenburg Omens in 1 week will do that to you. There is gross deterioration in market internals as well as clear rotation into defensive stocks and those that you can hold like gold, silver, steel and coal. Please join me as I apply my Top Down Techniques to this market. Enjoy and safe travels as the summer moves towards the end.

Part 3:  Join me in a live in the market web broadcast on Tuesday.

Title:  Dr. Jeffrey Scott – Live during Market Hours
Date:  Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT

Part 1:

The Tools of Top Down Investing – Video 
The Tools of Top Down Investing Companion – PDF

This Bull market is long in the tooth. The Hindenburg Omen has fired twice this past week. Once again, this weekend I will use my favorite tools to help determine the state of the market as well as identifying the best stocks and industries. This week, I am doing 3 separate programs. This first one, is more about the tools than the market. To those new to HGSI, those wanting to better understand HGSI and those just wanting to review the indicators this video is Part 1 and is a basic presentation reviewing the various tenants of high growth stock investing as well as defining many of the special indicators we use for our analysis. Tomorrow I will post my usual Review and then on Tuesday will host a live session in the market at 2PM to review the start of the week as well as answer your questions. Have a great rest of the weekend and summer