New Video is up.  Should be much easier to view.  I have also corrected the GPA.

Thanks and Sorry for any inconvenience.


Bull Trap.  Is that a BEAR on the Horizon?  Join me as I do my Top Down Review and take a look at the market and try and understand where we might be going.  The week starting strong at the PV meeting but ended with a big drop.  What will this week bring?  Let see what the charts are saying.    PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS SAY ABOUT THE SMARTGROUPS.  THERE IS A STORY THERE IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR STOCKS TO CONSIDER FOR SHORTING.

Have a great week.  Remember.  Growth Stocks go up like rockets but they fall like rocks.  Don’t let a Bear market ROCK your retirement savings.

Upon reviewing the video, I also realize that I used the wrong file for the GPA analysis.  Here is the link to the correct one.  Although much less impressive, it shows how growth and high beta stocks got clobbered this week.  The Stocks and Groups moving to the downside SMARTGROUPS are great places to start your review for stocks to short.                https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5871292/GIF%20Redo%20Week%20Ending%204.04.14%20corrected.xls