HGSI Top Down Review for 10.20.13

Greetings and welcome to this week’s rendition of the Top Down Weekend Review where I use my favorite tools to work through the market from a top down perspective and then supplement this with my bottoms approach at the end. What a week: Congress surprises no one and kicks the can down the road, the Fed is pressured to withhold tapering until this is resolved in 2014 and we get Janet Yellin to continue the dovish policies of Big Ben. No Surprise that the markets traded up with High Growth Stocks Leading the way. What will this week bring. Are we up for another 3% correction, is the year end rally upon us or will the days up to Halloween have a few tricks, ghosts and goblins up the markets sleeve? Please consider joining us in Palos Verdes this week for a great weekend of Ian, Ron, George Lea, Gil Morales and yours truly.