HGSI Webinar Featuring VPOC 10/10 and Wycoff Methods

CORRECTION:  The registration date should have read August 26, 2016 not August 25, 2016

Roman Bogomazov, Adjunct Professor, Golden Gate University and President of Wyckoff Associates, LLC  (www.wyckoffanalytics.com)  will join Ron Brown of Ron Brown Investing, an affiliate of HGSI Investment Software, llc (www.highgrowthstock.com) for a joint webinar this Friday just after the market closes.

Ron Brown will be discussing the HGSI Volume Point Of Control indicator (VPOC 10/10) as a trigger for potentially entering positions in groups of stocks that are showing strong short-term relative strength, or are just starting to rotate into the groups.  

Roman is going to interpret the potential candidates in the groups based upon Wyckoff principles to determine if a stock is a potential short-term swing term trade within the context of a longer-term trend based upon relative strength.

The great strength of HGSI Investor Software is that group strength and group rotation are readily apparent each trading day. Ron will be emphasizing short-term opportunities while Roman emphasizes longer term potential based upon Wyckoff principles.

Registration Information:

Friday, August 26, 2016 at 1 pm Pacific Time


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