HGSI Webinar – Volume Price Analysis (VPA)

This webinar was conduction on 10/19/2015

WEBINAR MAIN FEATURE:  VPA is based upon concepts originally popularized by Richard Wyckoff and Jesse Livermore nearly a century ago to read the tape to determine what the “smart money” was doing.

Tom Williams of TradeGuider was the first to computerize the indicators which he refers to as VSA, Volume Spread Analysis. Both VPA and VSA use the same concepts.

Others have followed Tom William’s lead, and there are other software programs out there using VPA/VSA.

The HGSI version is based upon the work of Karthik Marar who generously coded VPA for AmiBroker, and placed his code in the public domain several years ago.

What sets the HGSI version apart from any other version of VPA is the ability to analyze markets, sectors, groups, stocks and ETFs from the top down. No other software program gives this kind of insight.