HGSI DOC Top Down Review 2.22.2015


Growth was in fashion for the last 2 weeks and HGSI type stocks have led a sizable rally.  Out West, the Dock Workers may be reaching a settlement while The Germans appear willing to continue funding the Greeks.  Will good news drive the NASD to a new all-time high?  Will we continue our melt up or are we due for a Pause to Refresh?  Join me as I take a look back at the markets.  PLEASE NOTE:  I had technical difficulties about the 1:15 mark and ended up repeating about 10 minutes of material before running thru my stock Buy lists.  I hope you have a great week.  I also hope to see many of you in PV at the end of the month for the Ian and Ron show.     Jeffrey

PS:  Next weekend I will be in NYC at the NY Traders Expo.  There is a good chance that there will be no weekend review next week