Top Down Review HGSI Doc 2.2.14


Sorry for the delay in posting as I had some technical issues putting this together.  Despite the increased volatility, the major moving averages actually stabilized some this week compared to the prior week.  The VIX and Dollar are up but interest rates remain below 3%.  Will we digest this 4% correction and quickly bounce or are we heading towards an 8% correction?  Join me as I try to answer with my Top Down Approach.  I also will introduce some new features coming in HGSI including ability to scan, list and chart using the Keltner Squeeze and MOBO Breakouts and Breakdowns.  For those on the fence, it is time to register for the PV meeting.

Congrats to Seattle.  For those in Denver, think of the consolation prize: you get Peyton for another year and I bet the third year is the charm.