HGSI Doc Top Down Review 5.25.2015

Greetings and Happy Memorial Day.

To those that served, my family and I thank you for your service.

 Based upon the traffic off the Island and the number of boarded up condo windows, summer must be upon us.  The market diverged this week as the SP500 broke out to and has held new highs, while the DOW is being pulled down by the utilities and transports.  The Dow Theorists among us are already saying goodbye to the Bull as Transports are not confirming the highs.  Will this be the May to sell and go Away?  That may have not been the best strategy in recent years.  Or will this market continue in chop with narrowing leadership.  I favor the later.  Last week was a great week for growth stock investors as our favorite indices and scans far outpaced the SP.  Let’s take a look at what this week might bring.  

PS: Still have 2 seats available for my meeting

Jeffrey    ( HGSIDOC@Gmail.com )