HGSI Insider – Webinar May 20, 2015

HGSI Insider – Webinar
2:30pm Eastern Time U.S. May 20, 2015

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This month’s Insider Newsletter and Roundtable Webinar will focus on the state of the markets from Ian Woodward.

Ron Brown will demonstrate how a simple combo change in the intraday version of HGS Investor can change the emphasis on the types of stocks at the top of a list when the Warehouse view is sorted on Combo Ranking. The combo ranking a user choses will greatly affect the types of prospects that go into a watch list. These techniques are effective for end of the day prospecting, but can help a user spot early rotation intraday.

There are several new features which will be in a soon to be released version of HGS Investor that will be shown. Some of the new features include a New Moving Average Percent Change Indicator and New Volume Indicator Option for visual recognition on intraday charting.

Read the HGSI Blog announcement for HGSI Investment Software – Product Release 25845

If you haven’t subscribed to the HGSI Blog you should consider it. Ron Brown, Jeffrey Scott and George Roberts all post on this blog.