HGSI Doc Top Down Review 6.6.2021

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I moved to my new house in Jupiter, but my walls are barren, and we have minimal furniture.  I guess the lesson learned is not to sell a furnished home when most manufacturers are on backorder because of COVID-related delays.  Thus if you hear an echo, I apologize, as with barren walls, the sound goes all over the place.

Will this be the week we break out of the Darvis Box and make more than nominally new highs?  Seasonality is against us, but as long as the FED is behind us with QE and low rates, we might build upon the strong end of the week on Friday. 

News will once again be critical as we will have some inflation numbers this week.   However, it appears to me that the market exuberance on Friday was the goldilocks employment number.  Not too hot but not too cold.  Just suitable for Mr. Market.

Let’s take a look together at the markets from a Top-Down Perspective, and I will conclude with some potential stocks to do your homework on.