HGSI Doc Top Down Review 7.25.2021

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Welcome to this Week’s Review

As we enter the last week of July, noted for poor seasonality in the US Markets, the major indices have broken out to new highs.

Markets climb a wall of worry, and this market has weathered some ferocious internal sector and industry group rotation without a significant correction.  Monday morning gave a shot across the Bow of the Bulls, but by the time the market closed, a reversal was in play.

Now we get to the heart of earnings season where much is anticipated in the way of positive surprises from AAPL, MSFT, AMAZON, GOOGL, SHOT, etc., all of which report this week.

I am bullish, but I am always ready to trade the market in front of me.  This market has had enough starts and stops that we know not to be too bullish or bearish and be on the watch for signs of reversals and traps.

Would you please join me on my Top Down Review of the market? 

Remember, this is education only.  My goal is to help you BECOME YOUR OWN GURU.