HGSI DOC TOP DOWN REVIEW 9.16.2018 and Meeting invite

Greetings and Welcome to This Week’s Review.

We truly are climbing a wall of worry yet the market marches on. We are in a tough month historically and many have called for a correction. Add the chaos in the White House, Rising Interest Rates, a Run of Hindenburg Omen Signals, and we truly have the makings of a September to Remember.

Yet the market continues to go higher… Please join me on my Top Down Review of the Markets.

I am officially announcing my LIVE meeting Wednesday NOVEMBER 28 in PALM BEACH GARDENS FL. See the video for more info.





It certainly has been a great year in the market for trading High Growth Stocks.  It has been 25 years since I first met Ian Woodward and like a fine wine, his teachings and trading philosophy keep aging well.   I have found my particular way of blending the best of Ian with the greatest hits from other well known traders such as Morales, Person, Elder, Bollinger, Elliott and more.  Once again I am happy to announce a 1 day live even in beautiful and warm South Florida in late November.  I like to do these adjacent to John Persons 3 day Winter Seminar but unlike past seminars, I will do my one day event prior to his meeting.  Unfortunately, I have a day job and I have to be in San Diego on Saturday that week so that explains the mid-week meeting.


I get comments on DISCORD that trading is not as easy as I make it seem.  I cannot disagree with those comments but like many of you I have been doing this for decades.  I have found how to let the tools that I use make it easy.  I have become a student of the market and let the markets guide me rather than fight them.  I also may be the only trader / amateur teacher that actually shares my account results.  Like last year I am having another stellar year.  Yes, I trade a big account but I am up about 80% this year which was similar to last and the year before.


I also want to emphasize I do this while holding a full time job ( building another company ), learning to play golf, taking out my boat and enjoying my time with my wife and friends.  I am not a day trader.  Day Trading may work for many but why work so hard for small wins while there are big fish ( returns ) available to those that hold for longer periods of time.


Lastly, as my prior attendees will attest, I have nothing to sell you.  Any tools that I have that are not proprietary to someone else, I freely share.  I also do not do these educational programs to make money.  I will make sure I feed you and entertain you so that you get plenty of value for your investment.


Here is the anticipated (not final) agenda:


Pre Seminar – 2 or 3 live sessions to prepare all for the meeting

HGSI Vocabulary

Intro to Options




BASICS of HGSI DOC Trading Principles – what I have learned from Ian and other masters

Top Down Approach to the Markets – how I set my strategy for the coming week or trading day

Finding My A Trade – How I use the tools taught above to find great trades.  It will be hard to top my pick from April at the Orange County Meeting this year of TNDM at $6 which closed at $46.57.  This was given live and on my weekend video

Stops, Position Sizing and Money Management – It is much more than just finding a great stock chart.  From Kenny Rodgers, as sung by Ian Woodward – You have to know how to hold them.  You have to know when to FOLD them.

My favorite Option Trades – How to increase your gains and reduce your risk

EPS Roulette – Take a look at my ULTA trade from this past weekend.   I will show you how to find them and trade them

Putting it All Together – Optional Nightly Review Live


Post Seminar – 2 or 3 Live Review Sessions



The Key Facts:


Date:  Wednesday November 28th  0800 – 1700

Location: Hilton Garden Inn, Palm Beach Gardens FL ( about 15 minutes N of PBI and 15 minutes west of the Atlantic Ocean

Cost:  $500 for my one day seminar, $400 for those confirmed to attend Johns Program

What you will get:

  1. Dinner on Tuesday November 27th at THE CAPITOL GRILLE or on my Yacht based upon number of attendees
  2. Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks during meeting
  3. Screencast Videos of each Presentation as  well as PDFs of all slide decks
  4. Shared indicators for TOS, Tradestation and TC2000
  5. Optional Golf Tournament on November 27th at my club: OLD PALM which is 5 minutes from the Palm Beach Gardens Hilton.  Fee may apply



I have enough commitments already so I have booked the site.  To register email me at HGSIDOC@GMAIL.com

Payment via PAYPAL to mdonc@mindspring.com   or I can send you address for check.





For John Person’s 3 day meeting here is the link.



or call his offices at 561-655-1881 for more information


I do not plan on doing a web based program this year.   I had mixed emotions after last years and decided not to repeat it this year.




PS:  John Person’s seminar is an additional fee.  Once I have confirmation that you are attending his program I will refund your $100