HGSI Doc Top Down Review for 12.15.13

Hindenburgs, Divergences on Indices, Fed Taper and China slowing are just some of the negative forces on the market this week.  This is setting up to be a volatile market as we start off the week  with falling futures on the China data and will end the week with a Fed decision.  All expect the Fed to start the taper of QE.  I suspect the market falls if they do not taper as it might signal economic problems that we are not aware of.  The Fed has to be like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and taper just right.  They must signal that they remain committed to easing as needed but they need to cut the taper enough to satisfy the Fed hawks but just enough to not scare down the markets.

We are starting to get a number of commitments to the FEB 14,15 and 16 High Growth Stock Summit in NYC.   This is designed to be complementary to PV and not a replacement.  I will be joined by George Lea a good friend and great trader as well as by Chris White.  Our goal is to help you become better traders.  We will teach you how to find them, when to trade them and how to manage your trades.  We will use HGSI, TOS, Tradestation, EdgeRater, MagentaTrader and a host of other websites and tools.  We are still working on the agenda but from a top line perspective:

  1. Setting up your Tools – we will help you set up TOS, HGSI and other tools to customize to find your stocks
  2. Scanning the Market for Setups – we will define some of your favorite setups and then using the tools and scans set up in part 1, we will search to find those setups
  3. Making the Trade – armed with a list of potential buys we will show you how to monitor in real time or off line for triggers and how to make the trades.  We will discuss the various trades using stocks and options
  4. Managing the Trade – stops and other essential moves to manage your trade as well as money management
  5. Putting it all together for your nightly review


$750 – includes all meetings and my Tradestation Indicator set (value of indicators = $600)            or

$500-   includes all meetings or

$850 –  couples

The Tradestation indicators are optional but are a great tool for those that use Tradestation

All attendees will receive script for the tools and scans for Think or Swim as well as instruction for how to set them up

Meals will be provided at no extra cost for Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday and Sunday

Friday night we are working on a private dining area at a local restaurant for a meet and greet and introductory sessions.

Each attendee should strongly consider downloading a free trial of HGSI and EdgeRater before the meeting.  TOS also offers a great platform at no cost.   Some of the features are limited to those that have funded it with a nominal amount of money.  I strongly suggest a funded Think or Swim account so you have all the software features at your disposal.