Morning Report – December 20, 2013

There was no follow-through to the upside yesterday for the NASDAQ and stock traders digested the gains from Wednesday as they looked for evidence of more buying. Small-cap stocks were among the weakest indexes as the S&P 600 gave back .80% enclosed at 5.96% of its daily range. Internet software and services stocks continued to lead to the upside, while gold and silver sustain their weakness. The natural gas ETF, UNG, shot up 4% on the news of an excessive drawdown in supply. Solar stocks continued to bounce with a 2.4% gain in the solar ETF, TAN.

On Monday, December 30 between 2 and 3 PM central time I am going to host an online meeting to answer questions about HGSI and the market. This will be experimental with so I can make sure I know how to get around the program. If you have committed to this report for 2014 and have either paid or are sending me a check, I will send you an invitation over the weekend on 29 December. I will record the session for those of you who cannot attend. Read full report