HGSI DOC Top Down Review 2.19.2017

Greetings and Welcome to This Week’s Top Down Review

We had a strong week in the market for the Bulls.  We continue to move higher but my breadth indicators indicate that not all stocks are participating.  As several of the major indices get to dangerous areas on the high jump bar it is clear that risk is increasing of a correction.  That said, you have to play the market we have not the one we expect and right now we are having a potential blow off phase.

I suspect this phase will not end well for the Bulls but do you know what day the Bull will end?  I do not and I do know that I have made mistakes going short too early or buying put protection too early.

Please join me on my weekly journey to review the market and identify some potential trades in the coming week.

Note:  There is a cut I made around 1:26 of the recording as I removed about 3 minutes of the presentation that might have covered too much of a proprietary indicator.  The recording is fine just will seem like it jumped ahead at that point as it did.  I made a transition from TOS to the Designer function in HGSI, specifically the SMART GROUPS.  This is a very powerful feature of HGSI and reflects a large number of scans based upon my work and others that populate automatically every time you do an update, intra day or EOD.

NOTE:  I am exploring a live 1.5 day program in So California, probably near John Wayne Airport Fri – Sat March 24-25.  Attendees can also participate in the GEORGE LEA seminar that is occurring the eve of the 25 thru the 27 with in the market analysis all day Monday.  Please email me if you have interest in attending either meeting for more information