HGSI Top Down Review 8.02.2015 Still Range Bound

Welcome to this week’s edition of my Top Down Review.


We continue range bound and the question is whether or not this resolves to the downside or the if the uptrend continues?  Last week was a surprisingly strong week if one looks at the indices and most of my groups but there were some high profile breakdowns including BIDU, FB and LNKD.   Join me as I take a look at what the charts are telling me for the coming week.

Please check your EPS dates as this is a big week again for Earnings.


Trade Safe my Friends.  No one ever has gone broke taking profits.



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The discount package of PERSON and SCOTT indicators can be obtained at:  www.personsplanet.com/pug-group.html , for information and demonstration of this package please see the following video:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/vx4c2584392ki6i/PUG%207.30.15%20with%20audio.mp4?dl=0

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